“Passport, I don’t need no stinking passport…”
Umm, oh wait a minute, maybe you do…. Fortunately we hadn’t made it too far out of Bac Ha before it was found missing. (Have I mentioned I watched “Treasure of the Sierra Madre” on the plane?)

The XP’rs had just been reminiscing with the newbs about how they had taken boat trips in the past and how it was such a pleasant ride (though Sage the Younger was not in agreement with that notion, his was more of a good riddance).
But as it happened the passport was discovered by the hotel staff just as we passed the bridge. A stop in the road, passed by a couple of folks that had just been passed, a couple of phone calls and we were turning around heading the the boat trip tour place, much to Sage the Younger’s chagrin.

The passport would be curried to us in about an hour. Just enough time to get the boat ride.

Six of us headed out with Tan and Sage the Younger hanging back at the shop.
The boat seated six, so that was just right. It was a long, narrow-beam,flat-bottom job, capable of handling the shallows of the river very well, but not comfortable on choppy water. Fortunately it was a calm day.


The motor was noisy but we passed noisier. A long shaft extended down to the prop in a typical Asian style of aquatic propulsion. (I am going to guess it is because of the horizontal drive shaft style engines that seem to be employed for all sorts of tasks that this is the typical setup).

We started upstream and watched several dredging operations going on along the way. I got a great shot of an excavator washing its window


As we left the main roads behind it was all I could do to not try and quote Martin Sheen and sing some Doors. It was a blast.


All in all a very relaxing ride and well worth the trouble of waiting for some stinking documents…