Water buffalo
Today we were to deliver four water buffalo. Big day even by GVI standards. So much so they pre-delivered them and this was a formality. I was disappointed but it did allow for some time to do so visiting with the team and some of the local folks.
Farm 1 was a long hike to the farmers home, about 2 miles according to my GPS. And about a thousand feet of elevation… Dang I’m old and fat…
When we got to the farm, the farmer was there but the buffalo wasn’t so he headed off to get it. 15 or 20 minutes was what we were expecting. About two hours later the farmer showed up. We passed the time though and I got to run a corn “cobber” (I’ll have to look up what it really was) basically it was a foot powered device that stripped the corn kernels from the cob.
The buffalo was very shy and only a couple of folks got pictures. Everyone else was in the hut keeping out of sight.

Down the mountain and met some kids along the way.

Off to delivery two,