The Fray of Busyness

In the fray of busyness, one more thing and then one more seems reasonable. It’s like a feeding frenzy where activity has its own momentum and gathers mass the longer it is active.

…until there’s nothing left.

Taking the time to step out of the frenzied urgency of busyness to assess what is important, detracts from the urgency of matters at hand and is not a natural tendency for me.
Which is the point of the assessment: disrupt the cycle of urgency that will continually drain away my resources. Those resources that should be going towards the important.

Busyness is a cycle that doesn’t respond well to assessment or examination.

But, what if I stop busyness with purpose;
examine it;
then ask for Holy Spirit to provide wisdom and understanding:
– why is this necessary
– what is being resolved / accomplished
– how does this align with the purposes God has for me

Then, I am able to prioritize those important things and dispense with the urgent in an appropriate manner with minimal expenditure of resource.

Kinda lofty?  Yeah, maybe.

But, if I am to be like Jesus and be about my Father’s work, I need to make sure that’s what I’m doing and not going off doing stuff to be busy because it seems (to my flesh) that is what would naturally come next or, allowing the enemy/world to distract me from what God has purposed me to do.